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Mum's at work, which means i can't go anywhere, because Cassie's to young to be home by herself. I don't know what Cassie's doing though. I think she's watching telly. I told her i was going on the net. So she can't get pissed at me later.

I was bored before so i mucked around with Winmx, and made all the writing awesome and the colours and everything. It's awesome.

I'm really sad cos the Cowboys lost to the roosters, and now they aren't in the grand final. And stupid fuckface Kane dude thing is annoying me about it. fuckface. He reckons Matt Sing n Josh Hannay got caught kissing in the showers. lol, i wish. Fuck. Now he thinks I'm Lizzie Mcguire. I thought he got over that. Dick. He reckons his cousin is assit. manager of the team. Now we're arguing about Matty Sing n Josh Hannay. It ain't fair, cos i know he's lying but i want it to be true!!! :'(

I don't know what to believe. he said believe what you want. So it wasn't Matty Sing, it was Morrison and Hannay in the showers.... orhh..... hot. *looks around guiltily* i did not just write that...
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