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Funny looking Quiz thingo. This is Lizzy, just btw, I'll get Kellsy to do it to cos i feel evil. heh heh heh.

Section 1 : Personal

+ Name - Elizabeth Corille Fraser. [that took me about ten tries to spell Elizabeth then!!!!!] Don't Call me Elizabeth, It's Lizzy. Juzt for the record. *smilez sweetly*
+ Age - 14
+ Date Of Birth - 31-7-90
+ Male/Female? - female
+ Where do you live? - Australia... Queensland, Townsville...
+ Who do you live with? - My Mum, Dad and Little Sis.
+ Are you happy living with them? Why/Why Not? - Meh. I dunno, i guess, yea.
+ Would you rather live with someone else? - I dunno.
+ How long do you plan on living in this place for? - I have NO idea.
+ Do you think you will eventually move out? - Yep.
+ What are your plans for the future? - I dunno, um... Either be and actor or in a band.
+ What career path would you like to follow? - Acting or banding... thats not a career path is it??? ok... how about, well you know what i mean.
+ Do you think you will succeed? - meh, i have NO idea.
+ What if you dont, do you have back up plans? - Nuh, seriously, i havn't really planned anything yet, I'M 14!!!!!
+ Finally, have you enjoyed this section? - No!!! I dunno half the answers!!!

Section 2 : Friends/Family

+ Do you have any Brothers/Sisters? - Yep. One sister, Cassie.
+ Which, if you have any, do you get on with best? - Well, OBVIOUSLY Cassie!!!
+ Have you always got on with them? - Nuh.
+ What do they do for a living? - Makes my life hell. She's 10 for christ sake!!


+ Moving on, who are your best friends? - Kellsy, Befy-Gurl, Millie and Teesha [Lexis]and courtney, but she dont hang out with us.
+ Do you like them? - Yea... they wouldn't be my friends other wise...
+ How long have you known them? - um, Talisha since grade 4, and Kellie same, Millie and Bef i met ing grade 8...Oh, and Courtz since i was 6.
+ Have they always been your best friends? - No. Me and Kellie hated each other in grade 5 and became best friends in grade 6. bren best friends since. Was pretty good friends with Teeshka till grade 6... um... yea. But yea, me and Courtz have.
+ Who else? - Courtney'z my best friend for ages.
+ Do you still talk to them? - Uh...YEA!!!!
+ Have you ever fallen out with any of them? - Me and Courtney useda ALWAYZ fight, but we don't anymore.
+ If so, what happened? - Shitaki Mushrooms how am i spossed to memba!!??!?
+ Do you think you'll still be best mates with them when you're older? - Yep. Hoefully.
+ Finally, have you enjoyed this section? No. Its annoying. and evil. but anywayz...

Section 3 : Life

+ Are you happy with your life? - meh, yea. I guess
+ If you could, whose life would you trade with your own? - i don't know. I'd trade lives with a gay guy. Heh heh. A hot gay guy.
+ Would you ever take your own life away from yourself? - No.
+ Who is the most important person in your life right now? - Um... Kellsy, probably. I mean, mum, dad, ect, ect. But, yea i'll say Kellsy.
+ Why are they important to you? - Cos she's my bestest friend.
+ Who could you trust with your life? - Kellsy
+ Why? - Because she wouldn't fail me. God that sounds gay. but anywayz...
+ Who would you shut out of your life if you could? - COW!!->CAITLIN<-COW!!!!!
+ What are the 5 most important things in your life? - My best friends, my cds my guitar, my phone, And my posters.
+ Do you think your life sucks? - Sorta.
+ If so why? - Cos it seems too.
+ Finally have you enjoyed this section? - No, i hate it, the questions are too hard.

Section 4 : Sex

+ Are you a virgin? - Yes.
+ If not, when did you lose it? - N?A
+ Did you use protection? - N?A
+ Did it hurt? - N/A
+ Have you ever been called a slut/whore/slapper/hooker? - Yea.
+ Have you ever fell pregnant? - N/A
+ Have you ever had an abortion? - N/A


+ If you are a virgin, do you plan on losing your virginity any time soon? - No. I'm 14, i think thatz too young, a chick in my class was pregnant a while back, and i dont want that to happen to me.
+ Have you ever been under any pressure to have sex? - no
+ Finally have you enjoyed this section? - no

Section 5 : What do you think of........

+ Pop Music? - cool.
+ Rock Music? - cool.
+ Metal Music? - ...
+ Punk Music? - ...
+ Classical Music? -...
+ Old Age Music? - ...
+ Rap Music? - ...
+ RnB? - ...
+ Other Music? -...

Meh, there ya go.
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