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We wrote a story. It doesn't belong anywhere though! It's lonely! *pats poor lonely story* but that means it's special. *tells story how special it is* Courtney isn't allowed to read this.

Title: The alarm clock must be broken...
Author: Kellsy and Lizzy. Or Lizzie however the hell you wanna spell it!
Rating: PG for this Chapter
Part: 1 of ?
A/N:This is dedicated to the NRL footy show. *thinks for a second about how stupid that is.* And COurtney Rogers ain't allowed to read it!! I will know if you have!!!!
Summary and pairing under cut.

Pairing: Matty Chief. *Explains that that means Chief is in bold.*
Summary: Thats one good feeling... *is not actually got any porn in it yet. lol*

“I like your feeling Matty.” I was actually talking about the Broncos beating the Bulldogs, but hey. I laugh at Chief’s comment.
“Matty, Matty” says Sterlo. “Matty!”
I stop thinking about whatever I was thinking about. I wasn’t thinking what you think I was thinking, I was thinking what I was thinking.
“What?” I ask, confused.
“You have to introduce what’s up next.” Fatty orders.
“What?” Chief says horrified.
“Ahh… B beat the boys.”
“Matty… are you… ok? We did that…” Fatty says slowly.
“Oh. We did?”
“Yea. You fell outa the trolley… are you sure your ok?”
“Yea, I’ll… be back in a minute.” I leave the desk and go out back. I think I need a shower. A cold, cold shower.
“Matty, are you ok?” It’s Chief.
“Yea… I’m fine…” Why are you here?!
“You sure? You look a little…” his eyes go down for a sec then back up, “uh, yea.”
He just looked at it!
“Ah, yea… it’s cold.”
“Yea… why?”
“No reason… um, you ready to come… out, out there…”
I’ll come alright Chiefski.
“Yep, give me a few sex, I mean, secs.”
“Uh, ok…” he leaves.
How am I supposed to do the show now? Luckily I sit behind a desk… next to Chief!!!!

He’s out the back. Doing, I don’t want to know… well… anyway, he’s out the back. He comes back in then, he smiles awkwardly, he has his hands over his, yea, and I wish he’d move them. Oh shit I’m staring. I look away. He comes and sits in his seat next to me.
“Ah fuck! The seats cold!” He covers his mouth. Sterlo and Fatty go OH! Poor little Matty puts his head in his hands.
“You could sit on me.” I tell him. But only loud enough for him to hear.
“I don’t know about that.” oh rejected. I do puss in boots eyes at him.
“Ok, but it’ll be your own fault if you get fired.” Hmm, there is that…
“Maybe later?”
Matty gives me a strange look as if to say, what the fuck? Ah shit, I really shouldn’ta said that…
“Well if you two are quite finished!” Sterlo exclaimed, he was obviously getting bored.
“Uh… yea…” I say, Matty gives me another strange look. I’m a complete dick. It’s not fair, Matty can be a complete dick and no one even notices, or really cares, they like it, I mean, it’s his job to be a dick.
“Well, now we just have the band and then we’ll have to go.” Fatty says, he keeps giving me funny looks. Why me?! It’s not fair.

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