muppixie (muppixie) wrote,

I put this under cut cos theres some bad langauge, and some disgusting stuff... but yea.

This is not fair. They've fucking moved cassie into my room, because, "The smells too bad in her room" cos they've been painting it. So i'm am, at the moment, fucking stuck under the house trying to do my english assignment, and its fucking cold down here. I couldn't possibly work on it in my room, oh no, i might keep Cassie awake.

On a good note though, I got another Robbie DVD so now i only need two. Hee hee. The one i got has the original Rock DJ video clip, but they blur him. *sniffs* and i ain't allowed to watch it, cos he throws his muscles to the chicks and the chicks are chewing on them and shit and its pretty disturbing... and mum and Dad seen, so no more watching that. Not that its really that bad, i mean, even seeing Robbie almost naked aint worth seeing people chewing on human muscles with blood all over their faces and a skeleton dancing around. I knew it was in there, but still, its worse than it sounds. And i didn't get to see him naked! how fucked up is that.

And my toes have officialy frozen. *cries* its not fair. It's my room for christ sake! but no. She can take over. Leave me to freeze downstairs while she sleeps in a warm bed, because me typing upstairs might keep her awake. And the stupid dog is now annoying me. meh. I hate coldness, i'm cold! *cries some more, then remembers if she finished her assignment she can go and be warm*
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